Alden Shoe Week Dec 6th-Dec 9th

Come discover the fantastic joy of owning an Alden shoe. Crafted in Middlesborough New England, Alden has been bench making shoes since 1884. Join us this week and discover Alden and save 15 % OFF your purchase of any Alden shoe. 

    Dear Newman's Customers,                                                                                        Tuesday March 17th/20

   In these unprecedented times, we decided to temporarily shut down the shop in an effort to do our part in flattening the  


  curve. We here at Newman's value the safety of our customers and our employees first and foremost. We will


  be constantly monitoring Health Canada's recommendations with the goal of reopening the shop as soon as possible. 

  We can be reached at 905-522-0390 if the need is urgent, we can make arrangements. 

  Stay safe, stay healthy, we will get through this!

  Thank you


  Aaron Newman. 

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